With Thoughts, we can let our friends know we are thinking about them, without having to make a call, send a text message
or even write a single word. Thoughts are powerful yet not fully explored tool of humankind.

Our mission is to deliver you the power of the ideas by introducing you to some of the hottest Android apps. The new updates,
current trends, and innovative solutions that can help you with your everyday tasks are in the focus of our blog. We promise
you’ll get a quality, informative insights that are addressing some of the top issues within the Android app industry.

In addition to our mission, we have a vision that wants to share with you. Since our jobs are taking the most of our time,
we need to keep our thoughts positive and cheerful. There’s so much on our plates at the moment, and the power of negativity
has a high impact on our view. At least, if we allow so.

Keep yourself thoughtful of your friends, loved ones, co-workers, and even strangers because you never know which thought
will be the one that shifts your day, your year or your entire life.

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