Impact of Social Media on SEO

The benefits of social media have been humongous, and continue to reach new heights as time moves forward. And this includes the correlation of SEO in Social Media. If you are a basketball fan, think of this as a bit of an alley-oop, where social media tosses the ball & SEO dunks it. They have always worked hand-in-hand & have directly had an impact on each other in four main ways:

  • Local SEO improvisation
  • Increased online traffic redirection and increased visibility
  • Longer content lifespan & better content distribution
  • Increased brand recognition

Let us have a quick perusal over some other ways social media impacts SEO and understand its significance on the internet.

  1. Social media can be used as thruster: Social media can effectively be used to direct users to your links, which it boasts is one among the other things in its forte. Interacting as much as you can with potential clients via social media can greatly benefit and redirect them to your website.
  2. Social Media prompted along with businesses: When you type in the name of a firm in the search box, the results would likely also include the social media information about that particular business. And if your company is one among the lucky ones to come up with not only your website in a search but also with your company’s social media information, then this has great potential to eliminate your rivals in the business.
  3. Attaching links: This is another petty but a very significant method through which the visibility of your website can be affected in a positive way. Attaching external links can effectively be used to increase your website’s value. And in turn, there are chances that the website you link to would link back to your website.
  4. The world is at Facebook: Statista has it that Facebook whopped a massive 1.71 billion monthly active users in 2016 & 317 million monthly active users on Twitter. Both these numbers throw light on how impactful of a platform such websites are. One could constantly engage in confabulations and discussions on social media which make your network more cognizant.
  5. Importance of Local SEO: Google reports that an estimated 80% of the smartphone populace makes searches to find businesses near them. The geographical aspect of an area is always under constant vigilance of search engines. This comes in handy for businesses which rely heavily on geographic information such as Yelp. And the more the attention your website gets, the more likely are the chances that search engines take notice of your website and sort it according to its popularity.
  6. Do not forget other potential search engines: It is reported that Google alone owns about nearly three-quarters of shares. Try targeting 100% of the internet by publishing your websites & social media on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo!

While it may look like Social Media might not be directly influencing SEO, it verily influences marketing success online.

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