Games you should play to stay positive

Negativity may lead you to a lot of stress and sadness which is not good for your health at all. The psychologists suggest several entertaining tips and tricks that can help you stay positive in all the aspects of your life. Spending some time with your friends and family and taking a rest from your daily routine are the most useful ways of staying positive in your life.

However, the psychologists have recently introduced a new way of staying positive. Yes, you can now stay positive and optimistic by playing several games. We are not going to talk about any particular game in this article. We will only talk about the category of games that can build confidence in you and that can make you feel positive all the time.

Once you are aware of the categories, you can simply surf every category to find the game that makes you feel happy. Here are the top game categories that can build a lot of positivity in you.

Puzzle games

The reason why we have chosen this category over all other categories is that there is no competitor involved in such type of games. You need to solve several puzzles with the help of your mind without having to worry about any competitors. Some people are very pessimist that they lose all their confidence when they constantly keep losing from different competitors. Therefore, the puzzle games are the perfect option for these people as they won’t affect their confidence at all. Solving every new puzzle would build a lot of confidence in them and they would start becoming positive in everything they do.

Car racing games

The reason why we are suggesting the car racing games is that these games help in building confidence. For example, if you’re playing a racing game where you’re supposed to compete 5-10 players, you’d be able to build some confidence even if you have beaten a single player in this game. Beating one player makes you believe in yourself that you’re actually something and you can do many things that others cannot do. This new sense of confidence will definitely help in boosting positivity inside you. So, you must choose a car racing game and start playing it today.

Single Player games

Single player games like subway surfer, temple run, and angry birds can also build a lot of confidence. You’re supposed to fight against any competitors in these games. All you need to do is keep trying your skills regularly and one day you’ll be able to make it through. These regular improvements will bring some confidence in you and the confidence will make you stay positive in several other parts of your life. Click Here and see some other games you should play to stay positive.

android apps commuters

Best Android apps for commuters

Every American face commuting at least once in their life. According to the research, an average American spends at least an hour commuting. Those who are fortunate with their vehicle (127 millions of them) might be enjoying the ride, but the remaining 8 million commuters are condemned to public transportation.

The best thing you can do while commuting is to make yourself busy and use the time you have to finish something for the work, to read something you wanted for a long time, or to prepare for an intense workday.

Here are some of the best Android apps you can use to cut the time off commuting.


The problem with using the public transportation is delays. You never know when they’re coming and how long they’re going to last. Luckily, there’s an app that can tell you exactly how long you have to wait for a subway to get to your station. Not only that, you’ll know where the delay is which can help you decide should you wait for the subway or find an alternative route. That will save you additional time on figuring out the way to get to the work on time.


Ever felt like the job is taking all of your time, leaving you out of trends? In case you’re struggling with time, Pocket is a perfect way to keep yourself on track. Whenever you see a headline and want to find out more by reading the entire article, Pocket will help you to save the article and read it later. Commuters that have plenty of time at their disposal are going to find this app very useful.


Sometimes you forget to bring an umbrella with you and face the rain as soon as you get out from the subway or your car. To help the users avoid an unpleasant surprise in the form of changing the weather, AccuWeather app for Android will inform you of the weather changes. Another great thing about this app is that you can plan what will you wear and what will you bring with apps commuters


Usually, before you go into the office, you stop by to grab a coffee which can take you a bit more time than you have. To keep it simple, install Starbucks app that will help you to order your cup of coffee while you’re commuting. When you arrived, just need to take over the order, and you can continue to work – without losing any spare time.

Color Switch

If you don’t like reading and you’re into podcasts and audiobooks, there’s an app that can help you keep your fingers busy. Color Switch is simple to play and won’t distract you while you do something else.

android apps

Android apps for a happier and stress-free day

Everyone needs an assistant. With our busy schedules and overwhelming professional life, there’s no room for rest or balance. Only the rare ones can find the harmony, to include their different responsibilities into their schedule.

android apps

Wouldn’t be a smart idea to have an app that will make us feel happier and stress-free?

What if there’s a bunch of apps that can make our lives easier? Would you grab one?

Luckily, we came across this list of the Android apps for a happier and stress-free day. Try them and let us know your thoughts!


Ever felt down or depressed? In case you did, this is the app that could provide great support to you. Most people still keep negative thoughts to themselves, which can result in severe health and mental problems. To avoid that, you need to find the way to relax and set your mind free from unnecessary worry and anxiety. Try out this app and find a reliable assistant that will guide you through a happier day.


It may seem odd, but YouTube is an app that also makes you feel happier. Since it’s a video and music sharing platform, you have access to your favorite songs that can elevate your mood. Another thing is that you can find some funny video clips that will light up your day, helping you to prepare for a stressful project, briefing, or some other emotionally draining activity.

Live Happy

This app is based on the premise that positive thinking can change the way you feel and act. That’s why the developers designed an app that will provide the user with helpful, engaging tasks to overcome negative thinking patterns. Live Happily aims to promote happier and stress-free life, with the help of a few simple habits that anyone can quickly develop.


One of the main reasons you’re coping with the stress in your professional and personal life is the lack of order. Working in a cluttered environment will influence your behavior and feelings. You might find yourself in negative thinking because you can make your life organized. Having an app like Evernote will assist you in dealing with everyday tasks and duties. With organized life, your thoughts will be lighter and brighter.

Brilliant Quotes

Sometimes, all you need is a quote to help you feel better. Imagine you get a daily wisdom to your phone – wouldn’t you feel relaxed, empowered, and happy? Brilliant Quotes developers might have you in mind when designing the app. Check it out whenever you feel overwhelmed and get your daily boost of wisdom.

Energy Bar

The empty battery can make your day turned upside down causing you unnecessary stress and upset. Energy Bar app is designed to keep the track on your battery level which will help you to know exactly when you need to put it in charge.

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